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NO. Title Date
99 Seung Yoon Lee has been selected as the 2018 Outstanding Master's Student Award by the Electrical En… 2019-02-13
98 Prof. Hong receives the 2018 Young Researcher Award from the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Eng… 2018-12-03
97 Our paper titled "Optically Invisible Antenna-on-Display (AoD) for Millimeter-wave 5G Cellular Devic… 2018-12-03
96 Our paper titled "Wideband 39 GHz Vertically-Polarized Endfire Antenna-in-Package (AiP) Array Featur… 2018-12-03
95 Our paper titled "Four-element Reconfigurable Coupled Loop MIMO Antenna Featuring LTE Full Band Oper… 2018-10-15
94 Prof. Hong gives two invited talks respectively titled "Antenna-on-Display", "5G Technologies for Fu… 2018-10-05
93 Prof. Hong gives an invited talked titled "RF Circuits" at LG Electronics, Seoul, Korea (August, 201… 2018-08-27
92 Prof. Hong is awarded a 3-year research grant from IITP along with KAIST and TTA to explore measurem… 2018-08-27
91 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "Evolution of millimeter-wave and 5G Frontends" at EMC Korea… 2018-08-27
90 Our paper titled "High Efficiency Crossed-Loop 4G LTE Antenna for All-Display Metallic-rimmed Smartp… 2018-08-27
89 POSTECH (PI: Prof. Hong) signs a multi-year MOU with SK Telecom to collaborate on cellular 5G antenn… 2018-08-27
88 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "IC, antennas, packaging, and interconnects for Beyond 5G" a… 2018-08-27
87 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "Electromagnetic Surfaces for millimeter-wave 5G communicati… 2018-08-27
86 On behalf of POSTECH Information Research Laboratory (PIRL), Prof. Hong and Prof. Song receives a ge… 2018-08-27
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