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113 Our paper titled "Characterizing Volume Density of Sub-Wavelength Particles at 220-325 GHz Using Dee… 2019-09-02
112 Our paper titled "Energy Efficient 5G Phased-Arrays incorporating Vertically-Polarized Endfire Plana… 2019-07-17
111 Our paper titled "Performance Enhancement in Compact Inverted-L Antenna by Using 1-D EBG Ground Stru… 2019-07-17
110 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "5G Display Antennas" at 2019 Tech week, sponsored by eTnews… 2019-07-17
109 Prof. Nader Behdad of University of Wisconsin, USA, gives an invited talk on "Microwave ablation for… 2019-06-04
108 Prof. Hong give an invited talk titled "Software-controlled pattern- and polarization- reconfigurabl… 2019-05-04
107 The POSTECH Beyond 5G Research Consortium (headed by Prof. Hong and consisting of seven institutions… 2019-04-13
106 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk at the National Intelligence Agency (March, 2019) 2019-04-13
105 Prof. Song gives a keynote speech titled "Terahertz Communications at 300 GHz: Devices, Packages and… 2019-04-04
104 Prof. Song gives an invited talk titled “The first THz communication prototype system: 300 GHz KIOSK… 2019-04-04
103 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "Latest advances in 5G Wireless Systems " at Amotech, Seoul,… 2019-03-11
102 Prof. Hong gives an invited presentation titled "Compact MIMO Antenna Concept Realizing Entire 4G LT… 2019-03-11
101 Our paper titled "An Optically Invisible Antenna-on-Display (AoD) Concept for Millimeter-wave 5G Cel… 2019-02-13
100 Prof. Hong's research team and SK Telecom develops a self-diagnosis and calibration technology for m… 관련링크 2019-02-13
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