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공지 Our paper titled "A Dual-polarized FSS on a Single Substrate using Highly-coupled Inter layer Induct… 인기글 2019-03-13
공지 전자전기공학과 송호진 교수 (Prof. Ho-jin Song) "IEEE의 Distinguished Microwave Lecturer로 선정” 인기글 2018-10-02
공지 MADs won a 7-year national R&D program (PI/Director: Ho-Jin Song, co-PI: Wonbin Hong) 인기글 2018-09-03
공지 포항공대 전자전기공학과 MADs 연구실에서 석박사 대학원생 및 포닥 연구원을 모집합니다. 인기글 2018-04-11
123 Our paper titled ‘Metal Stamped Antenna-in-Package for Millimeter-wave Large-scale Phased-array Appl… 2020-03-22
122 Two of our papers have been accepted to the IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2020 (IMS 2020) (… 2020-03-22
121 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "Trends in Antenna-in-Package and Interconnects" at Samsung … 2020-02-11
120 Our Paper titled "Frequency Adjustable Planar Folded Slot Antenna Using Fully-Integrated Multi-Throw… 2020-01-06
119 Prof. Hong gives an invited talk titled "State-of-the-Art Millimeter-wave Antennas and RF Technologi… 2020-01-06
118 Our paper titled "Polarization and Frequency-selective Surface for Vehicular Beamforming Communicati… 2020-01-06
117 Our paper titled "Efficient NFC Coil Antennas for Fully Enclosed Metallic-Framed Wearable Devices" a… 2019-12-02
116 Our paper titled "Tight Coupling Dual-band Coupler with Large Frequency Ratio and Arbitrary Power Di… 2019-12-02
115 Prof. Hong's research group has been awarded the Next Generation Engineering Researcher Program by t… 2019-11-26
114 Our paper titled "Millimeter-wave Phased-Array Antenna-in-Package (AiP) using Stamped Metal Process … 인기글 2019-09-02
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